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    • To Whom It May Concerned,
      I been trying to seek some kind of assistance on the abused that I been through.Like domestic abused,verbal abuse,but most of all sexual abuse.Growing up in a small place was no life at all here.I came from a so call family of eight and I was number four out of six siblings.My parents were never very smart when it came into talking things out especially my so called father.He would always said never mind never mind.I felt I was never really protected in a way that I have should of been.Lacked of social skills,and what ever else you can think of here now.I came from a life where there was nothing but criticism and always listen to them what is right to do here.But they were not take there own advice which they were telling me.So now I have been going through hell day after day in the so called empty life in which I am living.I been trying to seek out the so called help for a very very long time.They do not have the help in which I been seeking for a long time .Its either I am going crazy or someone wants me done in.I blamed the services that are not here where I live.I wish that I had someone to talked too on a regular basics.Not knowing what the future holds for you is a scary thing everyday here.I am still hoping that another day will get better but it does not here.I am still trying to find out who I am and what I am doing here everyday of my life.I can go on and on here and that is why I need to talked to someone here in person.

  2. Greetings,

    I’m writing to you to request your support in respect of the Syrian refugee sponsorship.
    I would like to introduce myself to you first, my name is Abd Alrahman Al Fahham and I’m Syrian citizen on this earth, left my lovely country Syria due to the war happening in my country. I have left Syria on 29.11.2011 due to the violence happening against the civilians. When people start demonstrating the Syrian system was reacting to that by violence, arresting people and torturing the arrested in very inhuman way. I was one of the people who get suffered from Al Assad’s system practices. In Syria to have an opinion or to judge against your government it’s a crime by no law and you will get punished for that by violence and jail.

    Lot of my friends have been arrested and get tortured by the Syrian system and there Mercenaries. Some of my very close friends have been taken from the university campus and get tortured and jailed for more than one year. My university campus were in very close area to were the demonstration and revolution start in ( Dar’aa) and it was very dangerous and unsecure the way to go back and fourthe from the university.

    I had graduated with Bachelor Degree in Architecture on July 2011. However, the non expected circumstances happened, since the military service is mandatory in Syria, I have been requested to join the military service for the next intake. It was really scaring as I witnessed the practices of the Syrian system of torturing and arresting the civilian during the revolution. At that time there were no choice either I get prepared for military service to serve under Al Assad’s system then violence and torturing the civilian or I run out and stay away of my country until something good happen.

    I chossed to be human, I chossed to skip everything, the land that I grow up in, my family, my area, my life and run out to unknown destiny. My Choice was supported by mother ( My father has passed away since I was 16 years old), as I am her youngest son and she wanted to protect me from this practices.

    On 29.11.2011 suddenly I got a news that all the university graduate batch of July 2011 has to join the military by 1.12.2011 due to the emergency situation as they state.

    At that time I got the news, directly I went home, packed some clothes and took the first taxi at the night towards the Lebanese border (Jdaidet Yabous).

    While I’m on the way , I was panicking and scared that my name could by listed on the Syrian boarder due to my opinion and or due to the military service that I should goes to.

    I arrived to the boarder and presented my I.D to the Syrian border officer’s and I was really panic while he was doing the checking, but fortunately it passed without an issues and they allowed me to leave.

    I reached Lebanon (Beirut) on the mid of the night, I tried to look for a hotel, the first one I found I stayed in it as I was really exhausted emotionally and physically of the traveling by taxi for hours and all the scare inside me.

    In Lebanon (Beirut) I found a travel agency that helped me in getting a tourist visa to UAE. It tooks approximately 10 days to get me the visa.

    I reached UAE on 08.12.2011, I stayed in one of my friend home, and I started looking for a job there. It tooks me a period of 2 months to find a job as at that time it was very difficult to get a residence employment visa for Syrian.

    I was really lucky the time I left my country, after few months, the situation get worst. My brother lost his home in Harasta area by the bombed baramel that Assad’s army used to through.

    Luckily my brother, his wife and children were out of the home. However, sadly he had no place to live in.

    In UAE I worked for that company I found the job in for 1 year and half. However, I suffer a lot with them, since we never get paid on time and salaries used to be delayed for 2 or 3 months. At the last few months I was not getting paid at all, in the same time it was not easy to move to other job due to the restrictions applied for the Syrian.

    At the end, the owner has run away of UAE with all the employees pending salaries and close the company.

    I start looking for a job, I did some interviews, and fortunately I have been selected by one of them and offered a job. It tooks the new employer 2 times of submitting my documents for residence permit however It keep get rejected because of the restriction for the Syrian passport holder. The third times worked and get accepted and I start working with them up to today.

    Nowadays, the finical aspect of my company it’s not in good situation due to the drop down in the market and they start terminating the employers. Clearly they inform me to be prepared for a termination. I’m really scared of repeating the bad experience I had with my previous employer. Since I have no place on this world to go to and can protect me and as I’m not able to go back to Syria since the day I left due to the military service and all the effect of the war on my life and my family life. I’m really in need for a country that could offer me the protection, security, and the basic requirements for human being.

    My fiancé file has been accepted to join her family in Canada few days ago, and she is leaving to Canada soon. We are going to be separated due to the distance. We had lived with each other for the past 3 years, and now I feel everything is gone. I reaching you and I believe you would not like to be in such situation, losing your home country, your other half and having no place to go to. I’m writing this message and I believe that you are working not to show how much Syrian family members you have saved by your comity/association. It’s about saving people and connect family members with each other.

    The only thing I need from your end and the Canadian Government to provide me the protection and security which the basics need for any human. I’m capable to work and perform in very high skills and the past few years of my life proof my competency and skills in work.

    Looking forward to hear from your end with protection you could provide me, and I’m willing to provide any documents that could be needed.

    I would like to apologies if my English not in the level needed to write my story and I would like to thank you for your patient to read it, but I would really need the a help like lots of Syrian who has no place to go to since they left Syria.


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